Kalahari Red - King of Goats
Innately Hardy - Naturally Adaptable

"a severe drought is a pretty good time to pick which breeds are going to make it in the long run.
This is where the kalaharis come into their own - hardly a blade of grass and there they are, fat as butter."

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Kalahari Red goats come from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. The commercial breed in Australia is still close to the natural gene pool of the desert goats, bringing all the benefits from centuries of natural selection. Innately hardy and naturally adaptable, these goats are much less susceptible to disease and parasite infestations than other breeds. Their background as desert animals has also given them unequalled ability to thrive in varied and poor conditions, their colour makes them less prone to airborne predators and they have exemplary mothering ablilities.



"the Kalahari does are great mothers, that's for sure. We have never had any trouble when they are kidding, and they have that much milk it makes you wonder if you shouldn't start a dairy and milk them"

Summer coat

Winter Coat

Mothers and Kids  

Mother and kid 1 hour old

Mother and kids 1 hour old

Kid 4 weeks old

Weaner doe- 8 months (winter coat) Weaner buck- 8 months

Weaner does 3 months

First Cross Doe (Ferral/Red Kalahari) 8 months (winter coat)

Lomandra Stud breeds the highest quality stud animals selected from the principal blood lines available in Australia and aims to maintian the highest standards.

Goats for Sale

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